Project:Filter and the Game and Experiment Model: Presentation from Game Think 2.0

Glasgow University recently hosted Game Think 2.0. This was a half day mini-conference that provided students, researchers, and games industry practitioners with an opportunity to share their current video game-related research and development interests. The format of the presentations were short ten-minute talks on any topic related to games and play. The event brought together personnel from a variety of different backgrounds across the game industry and academia.

I found myself among a programme (which featured keynote speaker Jesper Juul, Associate Professor of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts). My presentation, titled Project:Filter and the Game and Experiment Model, was a summary of my methodological approach to my research. It included a look at the MDA Framework and Critical Play which have had a major influence on my work since I began in game studies six years ago. These informed the Game and Experiment Model, a research-based experiential framework to game development. To show how this model works, I discussed the development and future plans for Project:Filter.

The presentation was recorded and can be watched below. Alongside this, you can check out videos from other presentations from the Game Think channel on YouTube. From research and postmortems, to culture and perspectives of the game industry, there's bound to be something that stimulates your "Game Think-ing"!

Special thanks is extended to Matt Barr, the organiser of the event who afforded me the opportunity to present. Not only was it a chance to share my work over the last eighteen months, but also a challenge to overcome my anxiety of public speaking. After presenting, I feel a lot more optimistic about my work and confident to present in front of larger audiences.

I'm very much looking forward to future Game Think events. So should you.