Space Trek: A Voyage Home began at Abertay University during the Global Game Jam 2015, an annual, globally-organised hackathon which challenged developers to create a game to a specified theme within a 48-hour time period. The theme of the game jam was "What do we do now?" The intentions for this game was to make a proof-of-concept prototype for a game that could be developed in further detail beyond the event. 

The Game

"Your spaceship is to return Home. You need to manage your crew and resources to safely make it home. Prepare for the unexpected."

Space Trek: A Voyage Home is a short, turn-based resource management game. Players are challenged with managing a crew aboard a spaceship making its way "home" in ten turns. Players must manage certain resources: food supplies, the ship's power supply, the crew member's restfulness, and oxygen levels. These resources deplete to the value of crew members available each turn. Management of these resources involves the player dragging-and-dropping crew members into compartments which represent each resource. If a crew member is in a compartment at the end of a turn, the depletion of that resource is reduced by one. This is also the case for the cockpit, which reduces the number of turns required to make it to "home" (this is limited to one per turn, irrespective of the number of crew members in the cockpit). If the player does not make it to "home" before a resource reaches zero, they lose. If the player reaches home first, they win.

At the end of each turn, a narrative is presented at random. This gives players certain effects which can either improve or reduce certain resources: food, energy, sanity, oxygen, and number of crew members may be affected by the narrative. There are over twenty dialogues that can be presented, and may be repeated within the same playthrough: thus, the chances of a player's experience being unique is exponentially increased.


Space Trek: A Voyage Home is available from the Global Game Jam 2015 website.


Design, UI, Audio, Graphics
Spaceship Art, UI, Graphics
Design, Narrative, UI

Andrew Reid
Rebecca Leith
Lee Gillespie
Duncan Gillespie