Still to come...

I started Games for Studies in March of this year with the intention of documenting my research, highlighting the works of others, and prompting discussion on the field of 'serious games' (I'm not sold on the term, either...) I made light of these points in the About page.

However, there has been a fair amount of posts dedicated to Project:Filter, and not enough about the works of other that inspire my research. Moreover, posts have been relatively inconsistent, partially to do with study commitments. I also think it comes from my thought process, where I'm not thinking "this could be good to write about" when I'm doing something (ie. a DiGRA-FDG 2016 review would've been great!) 

There also hasn't been enough topics for discussion: I've been told in the past that I'm a "provocative researcher," where I tend to say (arguably) outlandish theories or assumptions that could potentially hold academic merit, without necessarily having done the research. I've never thought this to be a bad thing (although I need to make sure I reel that back a little when it comes to my work) and I hope that some of the thoughts that I have can spark a meaningful discussion about potentially-important subject matters.

So there needs to be a change.

What I want to introduce are some ideas that I want to put together if Games for Studies is to be a collaborative platform and place for discussion. Some of the ideas I had were:

Theory Reviews: rounding up discussion on certain subject matters, prioritising recent examples with historical critique.
Postulations: setting a topic for discussion, critique and analysis (it will only work if there's a community!);
Interviews: with developers, academics, and stakeholders to get insight into current or recent projects;
Journal/Book Reviews: it's pretty self-explanatory...

I'm also curious to create more than just "endless walls of text" blog posts, and I'm quite keen to do video or audio recordings. But let me know what you think of these ideas: do they excite you to take part?

I also want to mention that I am happy to accept contributions to be featured on Games For Studies. If you have a piece of work - be it a game, theory, or presentation - that you would like to circulate, please get in touch!