Games for Studies: A New Chapter

I've not long returned from GDC '16 (the jet-lag and conference "flu" is taking its time to shift...) and thought about starting some form of blog space. This wouldn't be the first time I've managed a blog, but it's a very different style to what I tried beforehand. Instead of venturing into games journalism, I wanted to go for something more interlinked with my early-stage professional background in games education. And thus, Games for Studies was created.

Games for Studies currently exists to: 

  1. showcase influential works within the "games for change" area;
  2. create and promote industry-wide critical discussions;
  3. and generate feedback from promoted works within the "games for change" field.

These are not strict goals, and I want Games for Studies to be adaptable for the foreseeable future. There are a ton of other things that I would like to accomplish with Games for Studies, such as regularity and consistency in posts, collaboration with professional academics and developers for interviews, and video content for a YouTube channel to encompass all of these on a secondary platform.

But I realise I'm a doctoral student with tons of work already on the table: as much as I would love to have Bernard's Watch at my disposal, I unfortunately do not.

(If you don't know what Bernard's Watch is, please Google it. And please someone invent it.)

Please keep a look out for posts and discussions on Games for Studies. I would like to get as much of the community talking about (or, at least being aware of) some of the challenges presented in the games industry. It is definitely a community-driven project that I'd like for this to be, and that requires having a community to work with. Feel free to contact me with any enquiries related to Games for Studies as it evolves.

(Email, social media, post, smoke signal... just not carrier pigeon. I'm not a fan of birds.)