The Narrative Game Jam (NGJ) was a series of events supported by Interface and hosted by partners at Glasgow School of Art, University of Glasgow, Abertay University, and Glasgow Caledonian University. The purpose of these events was to explore and challenge the design principles of narrative within games.

The event hosted at Glasgow Caledonian University - the first of the series - invited participants across the various institutions to engage in the pre-production of a narrative-focused game that could be developed further in future events. Teams featured between four and six participants, with the range of outputs encompassing digital games, card games, and audio-visual dictations.

The NGJ events were co-organised by Dr. Andrew Reid, Dr. Iain Donald, Dr. Matt Barr, Dr. Sandy Louchart, and Caroline Parkinson.

Selected Projects



Promenade takes a ‘storyworld’ approach by identifying narrative components, such as time and space, people, perspectives, stakes, disruption, and resolution. These formed a framework from which multiple stories could be constructed.

Desktop Detective.png

Desktop Detective: Office Politics

Desktop Detective positions the player as an office worker who can interact with various possessions - player-owned or otherwise - around the office. The result of players’ actions are felt through procedurally-generated comedic responses.



Inured is a conceptual narrative which considers the impact of decision-making on narrative. Players’ decisions as a child in the 1980’s affect the memories that the character will have during the present day on topics such as family, innocence, and play.