Published in the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR), this paper provides an assessment of Project:Filter and its intended purpose to engage players in policy-based research.

A doctoral thesis exploring the development and use of an applied game as an engagement-based intervention method to address micropollution.

An opinion piece on the classification of ICD-11 by the World Health Organisation, and a postulation that players are ‘self-determined’ rather than ‘addicted’ when it comes to gaming.

A journalistic piece discussing the popularity and design successes of Fortnite using the MDA Framework.

A paper investigating the usefulness of game jams as a method for exploratory research and applied game development.

A paper which introduced the Political Design Framework as a method of designing applied games for the purpose of ethically promoting political engagement.

An undergraduate dissertation which explored gaps between applied games and the decline in young voters within the United Kingdom between 1985-2015.