Andrew is a researcher of applied games. Andrew’s research interests include game-based engagement and digital interventions, play-centred design, games production, purposeful play, phenomenology and play, and the wider game-based research field.

Between September 2011 and June 2015, Andrew undertook his undergraduate degree at Abertay University, achieving a First-Class with Honours in Game Design & Production Management. His Honours project, Civic City, looked at the potential of using video game technologies to increase public participation in politics within the United Kingdom. It received the David Carnegie Award for Best Dissertation (2015) and garnered local and national press coverage.

Andrew was a doctoral researcher of applied games at Glasgow Caledonian University between October 2015 and July 2018. His thesis, titled The Development and Application of a Serious Game for Raising Awareness and Understanding of noPILLS: A Game-based Learning Approach, explored the development and use of video games to engage players in social policy. Specifically, Andrew’s research revolved how video games could effectively inform publics on the social and environmental impact of micropollutants in wastewater treatment facilities. This was explored through the use of Project:Filter, a game-based learning tool which aimed to transpose the research outcomes of noPILLS and assess, through interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), the impact of the game for developing awareness and understanding of micropollution.

In July 2018, Andrew returned to Abertay University as a Lecturer in Games Production within the Division of Games and Arts. His teaching responsibilities include Quality Assurance and User Experience, Spatial Constructs, Professional Contexts and Entrepreneurship, and supervision on Professional Projects and Honours Research.

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